What is THIS, now???
May 1, 2008, 12:09 pm
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I was reluctant to post anything about this . . . I’m not really into exposing my political views.

Heh, that’s actually a pretty big lie. I feel pretty strongly about the things I believe in, and I don’t care who knows that I think. I also feel very strongly that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and that my opinions are just that: opinions! I don’t think that my ideas are the only ones out there…

I just want to post this quick disclaimer before I go on to publish this post: Think what you want about it! Mull it over, send it around to your friends, discuss. I really want to know what you guys think about this, because I know it has me feeling a little extra special something stirring deep down in my Moderate-to-Conservative Republican heart.

Oops — did I just let that spill?? 😉

My good friend Eileen, who goes to Colgate College up near Hamilton, NY, just sent me this article entitled “Can a Liberal Date a Conservative?” from a Colgate publication, “The Colgate Voice.” I had to post it so others could see it, because I think it’s…special. Here are a few excerpts. (I didn’t correct any of the spelling/grammar mistakes, so don’t blame me if it’s hard to read!)

“Conservatives view the world, and more specifically, other in that world, as ‘out to get them’. People are naturally bad and they must be controlled (or punished) in order to be set right. We are selfish beings. Accordingly, what is needed in both families and governance is a strict father/patriarch model with a system that will set those who steer astray back on the right path.”

“Liberals, on the other hand, view the world and those in it as organically co-harmonious. People are naturally good and it is societal structures and constructs that steers us astray. We are naturally social and unselfish beings who thrive on mutual connection. Accordingly, what is needed in both families and governance is an egalitarian model that is based on cooperation and mutual trust between both the parents/rulers as well as their children/subjects.”

“Additional notes of precuation [before dating a conservative] must be made b/c of the tumultuous nature of 2008. My original article for this issue had the title “to be a young conservative in 2008 is to have no soul”. Some may consider this “overly-harsh”, I prefer the term “controversial”. My argument is as follows: as young people we are those most likely and best-positioned to politically and socially engage society — moviing it in a positive direction; if there’s one thing we seem to all agree on, it is that “America” is not currently headed in the right direction; thus, to resist change — especially as a young person — is to condemn all of society to a less than desirable future for the sake of personal, economic, religious, or aforementioned “worldview” concerns. In other words: “to be a young conservative in 2008 is to have no soul”. Dating selfish people without souls is never a good idea. (Trust me.)”

To me, this sounds like a liberal chick who just got dumped by a conservative and is fighting back…and don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I personally don’t want change in our country right now. She’s saying that this is how a Conservative mind works. In fact, I’d love to see some change ’round these here parts — in a lot of ways. Bring on the change! I’m all for better health care and economic growth.

Although you might not want to consider my opinion, since I have no soul.

What do you guys think about this?  Comments?!?


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PS – If all liberals supposedly believe that “people are naturally good,” then why doesn’t this writer think conservatives are good people — without souls, if you will? Sounds a little hypocritical to me…

Comment by sopranogrl22

Yes, they can date. It probably wont work in the end, but it wont have anything to do with politics.

Comment by Ben K

Hey, you yanks sure are firing up 4 november, I got a friend on the net who is ultra conservative, We brits are totally apathetic, I am left in social policy but right in moral issues, so if I were a yank [I love americans] I would not be voting Obama

Comment by gentledove

Haha, apathy is generally my rule — but there are times when I can’t keep my mouth shut. =P Sounds like we have similar political views! I can’t wait to get election day over with, to be honest…

Comment by sopranogrl22

What a load of crap. This is journalism?? This article reeks of ignorance and stupidity.

And I’m pretty sure the last thing I need is a “strict father/patriarch.”

Comment by Mand

@Mand Right?? I thought it was pretty lame, myself. Seems a little weird that a student at an Ivy League Sister School would be this blind to truth — and this bad at writing!

Comment by sopranogrl22

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