The IBM goslings have hatched!
May 2, 2008, 9:47 am
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Yesterday I was out for a walk, and I was almost attacked by a Canadian goose: a female protecting her babies. I wasn’t even that close to them! I was just like, hey — I’m on your side. I’ve got the Canadian heritage, homeslice. I understand what it’s like when everybody laughs at you for being partially French, and then tries to eat your babies.

Here is photo proof that the goslings do exist, and I don’t just go around pissing off animals for fun:

Baby geese!

SO cute! I was inside the building looking out a window when I took this, so they didn’t know I was there. Pretty sweet, huh?


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I was bitten by a goose once. Some boys were annoying it and throwing stuff at it, so it got mad and came after the closest person which happened to be me because the boys ran away like little girls.

Comment by Mand

lovely, in winchester every year we are treated to families of swans, the parents seem so proud as long as you keep your distance

Comment by gentledove

Swans are really very beautiful, but they can be so nasty if you get in their way!

Comment by sopranogrl22

since you have the canadian heritage…you should know that they are canada geese…not canadian geese…haha i always get extra brown nose points in environmental classes for knowing that. sorry…i couldnt resist;)

Comment by Al

Are you serious?? I had no idea!! And here I’ve been calling them “Canadian geese” for all these years… =P

Comment by sopranogrl22

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