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May 7, 2008, 1:42 pm
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As a soon-to-be bride (in less than 3 weeks…woah!) I’ve naturally been heading toward the wedding Web pages lately, just to poke around and look for potential last-minute gems of information or ideas from their articles.

This one site that I’ve been frequenting,, has a sister site called which is (you guessed it) an after-wedding site with resources for newlywed couples.  After browsing through for a few days and finding interesting tidbits here and there, I came upon this Q&A session and had to see if anyone felt the same way I did about their answer.  Here it is — does anyone find anything strange/off-putting about this clip?

Q: Should I use all of my vacation days, even though everyone else in my office seems not to?

A: Figuring out how to take all your vacation days while still looking dedicated to the team (and boss) is a good exercise in time management. Factor in some late nights or work on the weekends leading up to your vacation so you feel you can go away with a clear mind, and show everyone you know business and your workplace come first.

Ask a trusted coworker to be the point person on any important projects that might require attention in your absence. Let all the key coworkers and clients know who they should contact if they have any questions. And give top superiors your contact info and let them know that you’re available 24/7. If you manage other employees, create a list of priorities for them to work on while you’re out of town. Email the office midway through your vacation and elevate yourself to hero status.

Bottom line: You don’t need to use every last one of your vacation days, especially if you can roll them over or cash them in for some extra dough. But then again, a piña colada is a terrible thing to waste.


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I’ll post my comments on this as soon as I get some responses…that means you! =)

Comment by sopranogrl22

I do believe this Q&A applies to the “higher-ups.” Managers, important people, and the like. Because as a mere peon, there’s no way in hell I’m gonna be available to my coworkers 24/7 while on my honeymoon.

And also… they’re MY vacation days, I can use them how I want and I don’t have to put in extra hours or work weekends to prove I’m a good employee!! Workplace comes first my ass!

Comment by Mand

Yes! I’ve been waiting to respond to this post for a while. =) Thanks, Mand!!!

So…THANK YOU! I’m so glad someone else thought the same thing about that stupid Q&A thing. Now I’m going to have to write a post on it…haha!

Comment by sopranogrl22

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Yes! I agree with Mand May. Those stuffs in the post are for managers… I remember though, as a junior some years ago, before leaving for vacation, I had to channel clients to coworkers for near-future contacts (“For this type of concerns, pls contact X, for that, plz ask Y…”).

Comment by coolienne

Ah, I see! I would tend to agree with Mand, too…I just don’t understand why would automatically assume that all newlyweds have already achieved management-level positions in their companies!

Comment by sopranogrl22

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