Guilty Pleasures
May 9, 2008, 11:03 am
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I really am fascinated by the things that people enjoy in their spare time, even though they’d never admit it. I think it tells a lot about a person — not everything, of course, but I don’t think you can ever really know someone unless you know what they secretly long to do when no one else is around.

The part I find especially interesting, though, is why people feel the need to hide certain things about themselves. Take my list for example; here are ten things I like that I tend to hide from most people.

In no particular order:

1. lima beans

2. Dashboard Confessional

3. chick flicks

4. V8 and other forms of tomato juice

5. country music (when I’m in the mood, which is actually pretty rare)

6. One Tree Hill

7. Enrique Iglesias

8. seeing people get hurt

9. Battlestar Galactica (well, I don’t hide that so much…)

10.somewhat stale/mostly hard bread

Now, I think it’s pretty obvious why some of those things are on there — I have weird taste in food. I mean, who likes lima beans and tomato juice? Why would anyone in their right mind actually seek out stale bread? I have no idea, nor do I really know why I like them. All I know is that when I was a kid, my entire family used to dump their unwanted lima beans onto my plate and I would vacuum them up like a normal kid inhales Halloween candy. Whenever my parents have V8 in the house, it’s always gone in less than a day…and no one knows what happened to it. I also hate when soft, fresh bread gets stuck to the roof of my mouth. The solution? Only eat hard, crusty/stale bread! Or toasted. Toasted is usually better, actually.

Why would I ever tell anybody about these things? I would seem like a nerd! (Which is why, I suspect, I put Battlestar Galactica on there…I’m a girl. Other girls don’t approve of that show, to which I respond “give it a chance!”)

Other things on on there because they’re not good, and I know they’re not good. Dashboard Confessional is overly emo. The lyrics aren’t supposed to make you feel good; they are supposed to make whiny teens say “oh my gosh, I can totally relate to that!” Grownups don’t like Dashboard. Grownups also don’t like the music of Enrique Iglesias. It’s not good! It’s the musical equivalent of choosing Cheez Whiz over brie. I like to listen to it when the weather gets warm, though, because it makes me feel like I’m 15, carefree and at the beach. Go figure.

Same goes for country music. I’m not supposed to find it entertaining — people who like country music are pegged as rednecks. I’m not a redneck!

One Tree Hill and chick flicks…I guess I don’t like falling into the “typical girl” category. I don’t like the way guys talk about girl stuff, and I want to seem like one of those super cool chicks who’s extra fun for her boyfriend to hang out with. There is nothing I hate more than hearing “she made me watch one of her dumb girl movies,” or “my girlfriend watched the crappiest shows.” I don’t want to be that girl! I want to be Cameron Diaz in “There’s Something About Mary.” Admit it; you do, too.

Also, when someone gets hurt you’re not supposed to laugh. You’re supposed to be sympathetic and feel bad, like a good person should. I’m a good person, I swear! I just can’t help it, though; when a starchy businessman trips over his own tasseled loafers or a little kid plants her face into the Stop & Shop floor, I bust a gut. Call it schadenfreude or whatever else you’d like…I just find it amusing.

So I guess my guilty pleasures list shows that I am a semi-typical girl who wants to seem atypical, often enjoys bad music, likes weird food, is a little nerdy, and cares about people — but not enough to feel bad when they injure themselves, in many instances. I don’t like these qualities about myself but I just outed them — think of me what you will! …I just over analyzed that to death, didn’t I?

Distraction! Distraction! Over here!

To counter that dissertation-esque list, I now include a harmless list of ridiculously pointless pet peeves that I have. Now, forget about the whole first half of this post!

1. When restaurants only give you a thin little slice of lemon for your water — how are you supposed to squeeze it??

2. People who look at their cell phone to avoid saying “hi”

3. Pronouncing “hospital” like “huss-pital.” There’s an “o” for a reason.

4. Myspace people who try to seem quirky and original by writing their “About Me” section like this: “I can’t sit still for more than five minutes. People say I’m fun, but I think I’m crazy. I like peanut butter. Will Ferrell is my homeboy. My mom is the coolest. If you give me five minutes, I’ll give you all the time in the world. Lollipops make me happy.” It’s not original. Everybody is doing it.

5. While we’re on the subject, myspace girls who constantly write things like “Don’t hate me because I’m fabulous!” and “Don’t be jealous of me + my girlz.” Relax, nobody’s jealous of you.

6. When Fergie says “like a child misses their blanket” in that song “Big Girls Don’t Cry.” Employ an editor.

7. When someone answers the question “How was your weekend?” with “Productive.”

8. That weird smell that some Pepsi bottles have under the cap. What IS that??

9. Coworkers who hum. You’re not in your kitchen.

10. Office humor-type jokes.

What about you guys? I’d love to see what YOU secretly love/can’t stand!


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I can’t stand 8 of the 10 things on your “like” list…and I’m not so sure the internet is big enough to hold my “don’t like” list.

I like you though. You’re ok…

Comment by Tim

Haha, I knew you wouldn’t! But I bet you knew all of both lists already, and I’m pretty sure that you thought I was all right anyway. =)

I wouldn’t want to see your “don’t like” list…it would probably take me years to read!

Comment by sopranogrl22

Hmm… here are a couple of my “guilty pleasures”.
1. What Not To Wear
2. Opera
3. Those sour gummy Flintstones vitamins… heh…
4. Some celebrity gossip magazines. Shhh, don’t tell.
5. Any sort of rodent (especially hamsters). Yes, even mice.

And my pet peeves:
1. Curse words. I don’t swear, as you may have guessed.
2. People who eat certain types of fruit around me. Especially apples and bananas. I can’t stand them.
3. When people put really loud, obnoxious music on their website.
4. Messy cars. I’m not comfortable riding in messy cars.
5. 11-year-old girls who think they HAVE to have a boyfriend to complete them. You’re 11- you’ve got a litle bit of time to find your soulmate, y’know.

Comment by sillyteengirl

You are amazingly observant — the Pepsi bottle top comment, for example. Completely true. I thought it was just me! 🙂

Keep up the good work. So entertaining you’re going on my blogroll.

Comment by garymurning

Thanks — I really appreciate that! =)

Comment by sopranogrl22

hmm like to see people hurt themselves eh? hope you did not read when I ran for the bus as it was moving off and ended up flying like a flag until I had to let go oo ouch, you’d have had kittens laughing at that.
I love stale bread and make a sandwich and leave it till the corners turn up, and I just downloaded John Denver [shh]
my biggest quirk facination is for disasters,not because people got hurt [in case you are ROTFL]but just the run up details how it might have been avoided and ll the circumstances that led to it. eg Titanic. hope this is not too long-good post

Comment by gentledove

Gentledove, thanks! That sounds like it sucked! But you’re right; I probably would have laughed, haha. I’m sorry! =P

My parents like John Denver! So I guess they’re not the only ones. I like getting into the details of disasters, too — it’s really interesting when you find out how it could have been avoided, I think!

Comment by sopranogrl22

sillyteengirl, thanks for the awesome list! It made me smile. =)

And for the record, you’ve got company with the opera thing…but it’s not a guilty thing for me! 😉

Comment by sopranogrl22

[…] sopranogrl22 wrote an interesting post today on Guilty PleasuresHere’s a quick excerptSame goes for country music. I’m not supposed to find it entertaining — people who like country music are pegged as rednecks. I’m not a redneck! One Tree Hill and chick flicks…I guess I don’t like falling into the “typical girl” … […]

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wow, I never went off anybody as quick as I have J.D. he is so treacly sweet, but a couple of songs I still like.
I’m just saying hi really.

Comment by gentledove

Is it odd to love star trek, bootfairs, and Jilly Cooper (and I’m a hardcore book fan – she is my voyeuristic weakness)? I’m guessing the answer is yes, but I’ll probably keep loving them anyways!

I love posts where you have to participate 🙂 and I’m only new as well, so congrats on doing so well! I’m trying but not many people are commenting on mine! aww 😛

Comment by mysterycreature1

hi , wow you got a nice blog… i was lookin the way
to put some adsense code on my blog then i saw u …
n here i am ..i was lookin for piks or somethin then i look at the cosmo post and start to laugh…really thats the truth on every single mag on this day`s… n then read the postwhen u was drivin n got that crazy girl behind you… i imagined you driving n all that thing…
and yeap youre right about de soda…
well sorry if u cant understand a word that im posting here but im learning english yet..
so..keep writing ok.take kare ..all of you..

…delam for life…

Comment by delamhadz

Hey mysterycreature, thanks! Don’t worry about the slows hits on the blog in the beginning…it’s hard to get a following! Just stick with it and do lots of those comment things — people love to read them, and it’s so fun to see the responses that you get! Good luck and thanks for visiting! =)

Comment by sopranogrl22

Thanks delamhadz, I appreciate that! =)

Comment by sopranogrl22

2. i love dashboard confessional’s stolen. i’ve only heard this and vindicated. i like that it sounds like a band, but it’s actually a solo singer!

i love chick flicks, one tree hill and battlestar galactica too! i love that bg has such strong female characters and they try to portray gender equality.

i don’t get the bit about seeing people get hurt though! i’m a masochist myself. 😀

Comment by sulz

I saw Dashboard in concert, and they’re actually a whole band! The lead singer is just an attention hog, haha. =)

I like that about BG myself! It’s a rare thing, unfortunately.

Haha — I don’t really get that either, about myself. It’s horrible, isn’t it? Like when an ice skater falls during their routine…I just think it’s funny, haha! =P

Comment by sopranogrl22

hmm, yeah you’re right i just checked it out at wikipedia. don’t know where i heard it that it’s just one person in the band!

Comment by sulz

another good list to add:
list of irrational fears. like earthworms. and vomit. and bottomless bodies of water.


Comment by Mehgan

Oh, irrational fears are a good one! I forgot about you and the earthworm thing, haha…remember that ode to an earthworm thing that you wrote in middle school? My sister loved it! I think I still have a copy of that literary magazine… =P

Comment by sopranogrl22

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