Office Humor
May 12, 2008, 9:52 am
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I hate office humor. Not just a little bit. A lot.

I hate when coworkers respond to any teeny quirk in your personality with a coffee joke, i.e. “Looks like you haven’t had your coffee yet today!” or “Maybe you should lay off the coffee!” I can’t stand when someone responds to “How was your weekend?” with “Not long enough!” I find little signs that say things like “I can only please one person per day. Today is not your day. Tomorrow doesn’t look good either” rude and unnecessary.

The thing that confuses me most is that when I Googled the words “I hate office humor,” only six results came up. Six! Am I the only person out there who finds coffee jokes and Dilbert comics trite and annoying? I thought the movie “Office Space” proved that I was not alone with the infamous phrase “Looks like somebody has a case of the Mondays!!”

It’s fitting, then, that my boss would just happen to have a giant wall completely devoted to all things office humor right in front of my cubicle. It’s a literal gold mine of officey sarcasm and Dilberty delights.

I have photographed it for your viewing pleasure. Please, you look!

Office Humor Hell

See my comments on it here.

And please…if you feel this way, let me know! I know I’m not the only one. I can’t be…can I?


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office humor is awesome. i totally get a kick out of it.

Comment by tenthredemption

I’ll generally laugh at most things (bad organ-playing at funerals cracks me up every time 😉 ) but these seemed rather tired and dated, even for me. Stick one underneath and dedicate it to your boss: I used be funny, and then I got promoted. No? 🙂

Comment by Gary Murning

Hey, I resemble those remarks.

Comment by LOTGK

You have to understand – if you don’t have your coffee it puts you in a situation where people like me – lazy, have to click on your name in the forums to get to your blog and look for what ya talking about.

Now – if you had had your coffee – you would have just added the URL to the forum post and I wouldn’t be being pedantic would I? 😛

I must admit, even though you won’t like it, yes – you are alone. 🙂 😉

Comment by Will Rhodes

Oh, my gosh! I’m totally shocked…do people really love office humor this much? I was actually hoping that this post would unleash everyone’s inner office monster and we’d all have an angry, Dilbert-hating moment together. Instead, everyone’s professing their love for it! My next question is this — “Office Space:” Office humor or anti-office humor?

Comment by sopranogrl22

Hmm, that might be the worst wall ever. I don’t mind the occasional little bit of office humour (though I would NEVER have a sign myslef!), but that wall is obscene. Has he never heard of the phrase “less is more”?!

Comment by mysterycreature1

I hate office humor…it goes along with my hatred of offices and being in them…..and most of the people contained there-in…

Comment by guitar3dt

@guitar3dt I feel exactly the same way! If YOU were in my office, though, I’d feel a little different about the whole thing… 😉

Comment by sopranogrl22

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