Hear This! is a blog written by Laura Calhoon, an ordinary girl from NY’s Hudson Valley.

Allllll right…I hate writing in the third person, so I’m going to stop doing that now.  This is just a blog about pretty much anything that comes to my mind.  I plan on narrowing it down to one particular subject after a while, but for now I’m just testing the waters of the blogging world to see what I like…

…feel free to comment or give feedback on anything I write — or even on this “about” page!  I’m not afraid of criticism, as long as it’s constructive and helps me develop as a writer and a person.

Subjects you can probably expect from me include music, the Internet, books, videos and news articles, tech stuff, food, beer, the working world, soft political arguments and just life in general…and maybe Martha Stewart.  Because I love her.

Subjects you will never hear me talk about are the fashion world (unless I’m complaining about it,) sports, the specifics of where I work or have worked in the past, reality TV, spirituality and faith (I’ll just keep my hands out of that) or Chuck Norris.  Mainly because he’s just way overdone.

So, enjoy — and let me know what you think!

~Laura  =)

PS – I know that “Hear This!” doesn’t make any sense.  It’s merely a tribute to something ridiculous that just happens to slip out of my mouth on occasions where normal people would say “check this out!” or “listen to this!”

Yes, it makes me sounds like I’m five.  No, I don’t think I’ll be able to break the habit.


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Hi Laura, I surfed your Blog and of all stuff you wrote. I like this :”ABOUT PAGE”. I liked the way U wrote it Lively.
Hear This: ( below )
I am SURESH and I just want to know which country you are from and what are U doing there? I need more articles from you on Tech Stuff and Internet. Hope You will reply to me.

Comment by sureshrec22

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